Welcome to STC-NIU


The Northern Illinois University Student Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC-NIU).

We are an extension of the international organization, Society for Technical Communication (STC).

STC-NIU is an on-campus student organization that is committed to providing students, faculty members, and technical communication professionals:

  • A forum for networking
  • Workshops on cutting-edge industry software
  • Career-enriching seminars by practitioners from the field
  • Resources on writing, research, and career development
  • Opportunities to develop partnerships with STC Chicago and Society for Technical Communication (STC)

For more information, contact ude.uin|eissaml#ude.uin|eissaml.

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STC-NIU invites you to peruse our wiki to access information about joining STC, our events, and resources. You can explore links to regional and national organizations that will enhance your understanding of professional and technical communication. We are dedicated to helping you build and enrich your career. Our mission is to provide a discourse community for students, faculty members, and writing professionals to explore the theoretical foundation of professional and technical communication and its real-world applications.

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