Careers in technical communication: authors, copy editors, writers, editors, graphic designers, information architects, proofreaders, webmasters, web designers, project managers, product specialists, research scientists, and technical writers.

Use our Resource Page to explore these and other positions. The resource listing includes helpful Web sites, resources for writers, employment agencies and search engines, and STC-related sites that will help you build or enhance your career as a professional as a technical communicator.

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Helpful Websites

  • Ed's Blog — a great place to find out who’s looking for writers, editors, and interns. Even if it mentions a full-time position and you want to freelance, you can use the information to track down the right editor to query
  • I'd Rather Be Writing — an excellent blog full of helpful tips and advice for students aiming at a career in technical writing
  • Inside Career Info — A few reports written by professionals in the technical communication field.
  • Media Bistro — there is some free content on this site, but they reserve the best stuff for AvantGuild subscribers ($49/year). They have a free “Daily Media News Feed” which you can sometimes glean useful information from
  • Writer's Market — another site you have to subscribe to, but it’s about the same price as buying the actual book. You can pay $29.99 a year or 3.99 a month. The site is supposed to be updated now and then, a huge advantage over the actual book

Employment Resources

Professional Resources

  • PR Newswire for Journalists — you have to register for full access to the site, but it’s free for journalists. The site’s best feature is ProfNet. You can search for contact information for experts in virtually any field, or you can send out a ProfNet query — basically an e-mail stating the article you’re working on, your deadline, what sort of experts you’re looking for, and how they can contact you.
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